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All You Need to Know about Coconut Oil Sun Tanning

All You Need to Know about Coconut Oil Sun Tanning

All You Need to Know about Coconut Oil Sun TanningIt has been many years ago that coconut oil use as sun tanning. Coconut oil sun tanning has been a popular choice as well nowadays. It is considered to be one of the natural oil that can be used for any types of skin even the sensitive one. As a result, if it is the first time for you to use tanning oil, you can try using coconut oil since it can work well on skin of all types. For further information about coconut oil and its sun tanning ability, let’s check this out!

Certain oils including coconut oil has an ability to protect our skin when we are tanning. In this case, coconut oil has moderate levels of lauric acid, such essential fatty acid which helps to add and retain moisture on the skin. However, coconut oil has such limited SPF which is only around 8. As a consequence, it is not recommended to use coconut oil sun tanning for tan outdoors in more than 15 minutes especially if you use this product alone. It is recommended for you to use waterproof sunscreen which has sun protection factor of 30 or higher in order to protect your skin from the dangerous of UVA and UVB rays.

Actually, there are three types of coconut oil products offered in the market including unrefined, refined and then partially hydrogenated formulations. Unrefined or virgin coconut oil has a clear liquid with mild scent or a white solid substance. This one is considered to be the best coconut oil sun tanning since it is chemical-free and is able to deliver better result as well. On the other hand, refined or partially hydrogenated coconut oils come in liquid and solid form as well. Different with pure coconut oil, they are chemically bleached and deodorized.

Then, how to apply coconut oil for sun tanning purpose? Of course you will need to rub it over your body to get the benefit. Remember that you need to add sunscreen product with SPF 30 or higher for double protection. It is also possible for you to add a scent into your tanning oil. You can add two or three drops of gardenia oil or gardenia fragrance into a half cup of coconut oil. Then, you can begin rubbing the mixture of coconut oil and sunscreen onto your body. It will be better for you to apply the coconut oil sun tanning 15 minutes before you are going outdoor for tanning.