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Falling Asleep after Eating: Side Effects & What to Avoid

Falling Asleep after Eating: Side Effects & What to Avoid

After eating, you may feel sleepy. Even more, it is common that people falling asleep after eating. You may belong to one of them. However, you may need to stop this habit from now because it is not good for your health. For the further discussion, let’s pay attention to this article.

Falling asleep right after eating is bad for health because it can cause serious diseases. So, you must not eat before going to bed. You are allowed to eat 3 hours before sleeping.

Why Do You Fall Asleep after Eating?

Firstly, you have to know why you fall asleep after eating. For your information, foods can affect energy especially if you eat a lot. Besides, it can also be caused by blood sugar where it transforms to glucose & releases insulin that causes sleepy. Sometimes, you also feel groggy or even tired after eating. If it happens to you, you may need to meet a doctor to check your health condition.

What Happens If You Fall Asleep after Eating?

If you feeling weak or getting tired and fatigue after eating then you fall asleep, it can cause heartburn. Besides that, it can also cause asthma. The most cases that happen if you sleep after eating is that you will get weight gain & even obesity because of the extra calories. In addition, this bad habit will also lead to low blood pressure or diabetes.
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When to Eat before Sleeping

You cannot have meal right before sleeping. Studies say that the best time to have dinner is at least 3 hours before going to bed. Besides that, the meals should also have smaller portion than breakfast & launch.

What to Avoid

There are some things to avoid before sleeping to prevent serious diseases. First, you must avoid eating carbs & sugar at night. Besides, you also cannot eat chocolate, candy, pasta, white bread, or pastries before going to bed. The more important thing is that you must avoid caffeine and alcohol. These tips will help you to get better sleep.