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Zoonotic Diseases in Reptiles for Pet Owners to Learn and Be Aware Of

Zoonotic Diseases in Reptiles for Pet Owners to Learn and Be Aware Of

Are you working closely with animals? Or did you own one yourself at home? Either way, you will still have to engage with them. If there is one thing you should watch out for, it would be the risk of getting zoonotic diseases from them. This is the kind of diseases that is transmitted from animals to humans.

If we take zoonotic diseases in reptiles as an example, we have some examples to learn about here. It is important to be aware of them. Surely, you don’t want to get sick yourself, right? So, let’s just get down to it in this chance then.

Zoonotic diseases in reptiles have Salmonellosis as the most recognized one and Aeromoniasis as the rare kind. Still, they show serious symptoms in humans.
zoonotic diseases in animals

Salmonellosis – the Most Recognized Zoonosis

This is quite familiar name, indeed. It is not like you will get affected just because you are exposed to Salmonella. However, those with immunocompromised and immunosuppressive disorders could develop diarrhea, abdominal cramps, and fever.

Its infections in humans might be resolved within a week, but there is possibility for this zoonosis coming from reptiles to progress further to sepsis and cause death eventually. If you are dealing those animals, make sure to learn how to protect yourself.

Aeromoniasis – the Rare but Serious Zoonosis

We have the rare one this time, but don’t give less care to it because of that. Primarily, this disease affects water-related animals. It spreads in rivers, ponds, lakes, and the kind after all. In animals, the symptoms can start from scale loss, but it can go further into death as well.

Meanwhile, in humans, it appears in 2 forms. The enteric form is shown by diarrhea, fever, and abdominal pain. The extra enteric one can result in cellulitis. Reptile zoonotic diseases are still serious one either way. It is not something that will heal on its own after all.